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How to create valuable content to reach the right students?

Let’s shed some light to help you out.

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You probably already know the importance of the digital world, that’s why you’re here. But… Do you really know how to use that content as an arrow so that when you shoot it, it hits the target?

Sometimes we feel like we are in a dark room shooting arrows with information, content, images and videos; without knowing where they will land when they leave our bow. Sometimes you just need to stop, turn on the light, and spend some time observing and creating content with a high-value funnel strategy. A real bullseye.

That is when the first question arises: Who do I want to reach? Generic marketing is no longer working. Nowadays in the same place you can find people of different nationalities, with different styles and tastes. Todays’ consumer wants to be attended to in a personalized way, to be understood and given the solution even before knowing they have an issue. How do we achieve this? The first step is to spend time understanding your audience, the buying persona or avatar as they are often called. That “understanding” contains all the questions you can imagine about this person. It defines a similar target group or audience for whom you are going to create valuable content. Content that is so irresistible that it captures them as it was designed to do.

Then, questions appear which initially have general answers, which include gender, location, social status, language and studies. Then you go deeper: their pain, their dreams, their tastes, what defines them, what happens to them, what they do, how do they feel, what a day in their lives is like, what makes them happy and what problems they have. The more questions you answer about this fictional character, the closer you will get to the real one. The light is turning on in that dark room, right?

Now that you know everything that these people live, feel or suffer; the next step is to create content that is so valuable to them that they really want to read it. Either because they identify with it, see something that is attainable for them, or because it is part of their world. This way they do not feel that you are selling them or that it is an advertisement, on the contrary, they are grateful because you showed them something they did not even know they needed, or you solved a problem for them.

You already have the winning content. How are you going to reach these people?

Develop landing pages and use automation tools, whether it’s for personalized responses on social networks, messages or for more robust content such as email marketing. What is the key? Again, the content, its value and what you want to achieve with it; but make your avatar feel like there is a person behind it and not a robot.

Remember; the title or the email subject, is the first conversation with your client and it depends on whether they click or continue scrolling. You have only a few seconds to attract him, so use texts that are real triggers and have elements of FOMO (sense of urgency): what is this person going to miss if he doesn’t react right now?

Take them on a journey through burning issues that they can’t stop reading. Let them fly with their imagination while they read each of your words. At the end, in order to find the solution, don’t forget to add a CTA (Call to Action). What do you want them to do after reading you? A flashy button after the text can be the gateway to meeting your avatar on that journey, and that’s when you need to make sure your sales funnel is ready to receive those leads and serve them right away.

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If today a company is not in the digital world, it simply does not exist. The success of being in that world depends largely upon deeply knowing your Buyers’ persona.  Knowing the details of the journey they undertake before seeing your advertising, when they interact with it and until they reach the end, at the time of purchase.

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