Why international higher education marketing is so bad

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Posted by The Pie News Would you ignore a $433 billion market? That’s how big our market is set to reach by 2030 and marketing in higher education has a massive role to play. Just to highlight this, colleges and universities in the US spent over $2.2bn on advertising in 2019, but these budgets rarely get allocated to one […]

How to create valuable content to reach the right students?

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Let’s shed some light to help you out. You probably already know the importance of the digital world, that’s why you’re here. But… Do you really know how to use that content as an arrow so that when you shoot it, it hits the target? Sometimes we feel like we are in a dark room […]

Why does your in-country landing page suck?

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Why no one is engaging ? Now that we are in the digital world and that the great objective is to get to know our customers more closely, this question arises: how to capture them? The key answer is a landing page.   Most of the people confuse web pages with landing pages, but in […]

Why is no one watching my live webinars?

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How to get more students interacting Nowadays, there are many ways to communicate with people. Specially these last years of post- pandemic, because during the initial surge of the pandemic, was a big demand for e-commerce relative to in-person commerce and the online communication, so, online communication grow up in huge steps.  One of the […]

Why are’t you converting students in Recruitment Fairs?

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Our controversial opinion about virtual and in-person events. For students who are in the search for a university or institution to study at, it is crucial that you not only take advantage of recruitment fairs, but also invest in more extensive marketing strategies. This is why we will share our opinion about virtual and in […]

You are old school, your students are online!

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Are you in the correct platform ? There are many reasons why the traditional marketing strategies are not effective anymore. The first reason is that students today have many different ways of consuming content and they are getting used to it. They cannot be reached by just one channel anymore.  So, what should we do? […]

Do I need a local, in-language SEO strategy?

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Will this actually generate new enrollments? Local SEO is a strategy that focuses on optimizing and promoting a website in the local language in order to rank highly for search results. It is also an excellent way for international businesses to drive traffic from their target audience and increase conversions.  There are two main advantages […]

Is more money really the answer? – Why your marketing strategies fail.

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Marketing strategies can fail for many reasons. But the most common one is the lack of understanding of the customer’s needs. Marketing strategy is the backbone of any business, that is why a good marketing strategy is what will help your institution grow and get real results.  There are a lot of factors that you […]

In-country micro-sites for student recruitment – Best Solution

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Do it cheap, quick, effective, and get real results. The first and the most important thing you need to learn about spending your marketing budget on student recruitment is to use it wisely. Your goal is to attract new students to your institution; therefore, it is important to spend your budget with the most effective […]