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Why does your in-country landing page suck?

Why no one is engaging ?

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Now that we are in the digital world and that the great objective is to get to know our customers more

closely, this question arises: how to capture them? The key answer is a landing page.


Most of the people confuse web pages with landing pages, but in reality, they are very different since the

first one can be focused on giving general information on different topics. The second one is focused on

converting or capturing leads.


What to do to make them really convert? 

The first thing is to have an attractive landing page and to make it easier to digest. The first impression is

important and in digital businesses one second of contact can make a difference. You may not have the

opportunity to meet this user again, so you must make sure that your design respects the guidelines but

also attracts the user, and that the entire landing is designed according to the trends of the region for

which it is directed.


Do you already know your buyer persona or avatars? If so, you already know what these people like, they

need, what hurts them; so, use images and texts that reflect what you want them to feel and identify with.

But, keep in mind that less is more. Do not try to confuse your clients, it is important that the information

could be simple and straight to the point.


Define clear objectives for your landing page. Is it a lead generation page? If so, keep them on the page

and do not take the user away from the form, this is valuable information, it is a direct conversation with

your user and surely for the marketing team this information will be worth gold, so avoid distractions.

Is it an event promotion page? The call to action or CTA is what should stand out in this landing. Lead

them with the information to the CTA button and make everything simpler for the user, each click disperses it and your potential client can be diverted from the objective.

Is a brand page to drive more traffic to your university’s home page? The key is again to have clear goals

and remove distractors, so avoid cramming too many CTAs in one place. An additional strategy could be

that the most important CTA button on the landing, follows the scroll of the user all the time. In this way,

once your user decides to go ahead, they will have the CTA right in front of them.


In the case of a website, define if you are going to have several landing pages or just one. Think of that

route or journey that the user would take within your site. What you must achieve is that the users stay in it and leave you, their data. For this, the solution is that each click must open in an additional window, so take the opportunity to use pop-ups windows with forms for subscriptions and acquire the database of your potential clients. With this information you will be able to send newsletters, carry out email marketing

campaigns, or even contact them directly on their telephone line. But remember, all these contact

modalities must be authorized by the user, so include a checkbox to confirm this approval.


If you have detailed knowledge of your buyer person; getting them to your sales landing page with a paid

traffic campaign will be easier than you think. That’s why it’s important to keep your traffic flowing with a

consistent investment in localized ads, whether it is to drive traffic or for a conversion goal. Try to carry out

A/B tests with images, videos and different texts that will give you a real metric to take action or adjust in

the following campaigns. Then, while you generate audience and community you will reach that qualified

lead you are looking for: a potential student.


Maybe not all of them may take your services immediately, but the most valuable thing is that you already have the information to persuade and guide them to the most important thing: Your goals.

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