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Why is no one watching my live webinars?

How to get more students interacting

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Nowadays, there are many ways to communicate with people. Specially these last years of post-

pandemic, because during the initial surge of the pandemic, was a big demand for e-commerce relative to in-person commerce and the online communication, so, online communication grow up in huge steps. 

One of the most modern methods to communicate with new people, customers or friends is social media.

People use it every day, not only for communication with acquaintances people but also as a tool for

business promotion. 

Also, online video platforms have been gaining significant participation, as YouTube, the website that tops

the list in popularity after Google and also, the one where users spend the most time on a daily basis.

Then, definitely the interaction with video is even more attractive for users of the online world.


Webinars, also have become increasingly popular among businesses and even individuals who want to

promote their products or services in front of a wide audience. As a result, we can see more and more

webinars on the Internet every day.


These webinars are a great way to reach a large audience. If you want to get the most out of your webinar,  you need to make sure that your audience is engaged and also to get to the right audience. 

It is very important that you define your objectives regarding your customer and knowing in detail how they think, what is wrong with them, what problems they have and how you can solve them; so, once you reach them through a guideline or advertising, they will feel identified and would like to participate. 


But, how to promote a webinar?

Make sure you are promoting your webinars well before they happen so people get to know what they are

for and can sign up if they want to take part.

What you need to know is that you should start the campaign 3 – 4 weeks before and get it to be in as

many media as possible; so, you can support yourself with guidelines, adds, social media, networking,

your work team or referrals. Also, you can invite influential guests that are linked to the theme and get

them to promote the session to their audiences, make an alliance with an important brand, and sure! to do the basics too, run smart ads, to grow your registrations, but do not forget something really important: the email marketing. 


Now, you have them there. The new question is how to get more students interacting on webinars? Here are some tips:

1.Make it engaging – no more power point! Use interactive elements such as polls, quizzes and 

games so that your audience can participate in the presentation to get them involved and to make

it more fun.

2.When you feel it is time for your webinar to take a step up and become truly interactive, ask

questions at the end of each section and during the presentation itself. This also helps keep

everyone engaged. 

3.Connect with other platforms – some online platforms allow you to connect with social media 

channels like Twitter and Facebook so that participants can tweet or post comments on Facebook

during the presentation. This makes it easy for participants to share what they are learning with

their friends/colleagues via social media – which will help promote your brand and services. 


Now is your turn to start preparing your webinar. Make it happen!

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